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The Birth Of Paper-carving Palace Lantern

"North China militia" is a small publication in eighties,published an article called "Palace Lantern Champion" Zhang Fengjun article At that time, just be seen by Shi Youquan from Yuxian county outside of the Great Wall,who have a passion for Lantern art since childhood.Shi Youquan communicated with Zhang Fengjun through many times letters,So the two "lantern riddles" cooperation began.And the traditional Gaocheng Palace Lantern Ushered in his new life in their cooperation.

This is really forever love,the legendary of this story,seemed to be specially arranged for Paper-carving palace lantern’s appearance.

One is in North China Plain,one is in Yuxian county outside Greet Wall,just like the meteor,in their own orbits.But the traditional Gaocheng Palace Lantern and Yuxian folk paper-cut,because the two met、to know each other、cooperation,and crash into a beautiful flower of folk art--Paper-carving Palace Lantern,left a shining mark in the history of China lantern.

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