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Origin of Palace lantern

Palace Lantern is existemic folk craft in Gaocheng district ,made in Tuntou village Meihua town,Gaocheng district.It originated in the Eastern Han Dynasty,Flourished in the Sui and Tang dynasties.According to the 《Hebei villages Dictionary》records: “It’s said that,Qing Dynasty Yongzheng years,a man surnamed Li knew the craft of making lanterns.Every new year,will do several lanterns hanging in front of his house, to add the festive atmosphere.One year, he made a few of the exquisite lanterns to sell it at Gaocheng market,just seen by county magistrate,and were all bought,Hanging in the county date to watch all day.This year tributary date was coming,to please the Emperor,County Magistrate put his beloved lanterns into the palace,Indeed as expected liked by Yong Zheng emperor in a glance,the emperor is greatly pleased.and Put the lantern as a tribute.Later red lanterns were hung all over the palace, Because it was exclusively used in the Royal Palace,so the people call tributary lantern as Palace lantern”This is why was named Gaocheng Palace lantern. 

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