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Licensed Product

Beijing Olympics Licensed Product “Fuwa Palace Lantern”

After three years research and development,four times considerable modification of the design,Gaocheng Palace Lantern Design & Development Centre Co.,Ltd had successfully created five Olympic Paper-carving lantern.In September,2006“Fuwa Paper-carving Palace Lantern” was approved for the Olympic merchandise by BOCOG,domestic exclusive production,for sales by the national Olympic merchandise specialty store.

Through this international event,Gaocheng Palace Lantern Advance towards the world,let all over the world people feel the charm of Chinese Palace Lantern.

Shanghai World Expo Licensed Product “World Expo Palace Lanterns”

On November 25,Gaocheng Palace Lantern Design & Development Centre Co.,Ltd successfully designed four “World Expo Element”Paper-carving Lanterns, was approved for the World Expo merchandise by the Bureau Of World Expo,for sales by World Expo franchised specialty store.

Through this international event,China Gaocheng Palace Lantern show in front of friends from all over the world,let international friends understand、accept、like Chinese traditional culture,show the charm of Gaocheng Palace Lantern.

Nanjing Youth Olympic Licensed products “Paper-carving Palace Lantern”

There are two style Paper-carving Palace Lantern of “2014 summer Nanjing Youth Olympic” designed by Gaocheng Palace Lantern Design & Development Centre Co.,Ltd,they are “Nanjing Scenery” 《Plum Red》、《Sycamore Green》 two series,take Nanjing Plum flower and Nanjing Yangtze Rive and other famous scenery spot as theme,combining with the characteristics of Youth Olympic,integral style is lively upward,it highlights the "natural, exercise, healthy, happy" lifestyle that Youth Olympic Games advocate to the teenagers.The two lantern was selected as "Nanjing Youth Olympic Games merchandise",20000pcs lanterns were delivered to more than 100 specialty stores franchised by Youth Olympic Games for sale.

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