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The initial Gaocheng palace lantern was made of main frame and red silk cloth,and Made a certain shape as a form of expression,formed the mass production in thef Qing dynasty.Due to the influx of the Qing Dynasty Palace lanterns,The traditional Gaocheng lanterns are more colorful in the style, more elegant in the making.

Reform and openness brought important opportunity for the development of Gaocheng Palace lantern and the Formation of "Cultural Industry Village". The descendants of “Lantens Li”, More than 70 - year - old Li Laoshuo find several old chap,resumed their careers,took the first step of reviving Palace Lantern.Palace lantern artists learn from the ancients,but not limited to the ancients,based on maintaining the shape and characteristics of traditional lanterns,research and develop,from the materials, style continuous improve, has formed series and mass production,one of the most cultural implication is the "Paper-carving lantern" researched by Gaocheng Palace Lantern Development Center Co.,Ltd.

Gaocheng Palace lantern through the innovation of several generations,now become art with the regional cultural characteristics.no matter which lantern,Its intrinsic cultural background, practical value and artistic appreciation have enriched its cultural implication, Is the precious folk craft in our country.


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