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Artistic Characteristic

Paper-carving palace lantern,also is called Paper-carving colorful lantern or colorful carving lantern.learn from the traditional hexagonal lantern shape,Yuxian paper-cut patterns,to research and develope,has gotten nine national patent.The coming of this kind Lantern promote the Gaocheng Palace lantern cultural implications,also extend the application of Gaocheng Palace lantern and ornamental range.Paper-carving palace lantern is the latest style of the Palace lantern,is the most cultural value of a lantern.Because of its mainly material is white paperboard, so is called "paper-carving palace lantern".

The characteristics of paper-carving palace lanterns firstly is the perfect combination of Yuxian paper-cut art and palace lantern shape,exquisite appearance,Secondly learn from “Socket”principle of Chinese traditional architectural art,easy to disassemble and install.Because of the integration of Chinese folk handicraft and lucky culture,with distinctive national features.They can serve as gift, foreign affairs supplies,tourist souvenir,festive supplies, corporate promotional product, propagandistic products and activity gifts.


The Theme of auspicious implication:Such as “Safety and Soundness With The Four Seasons”、“Enjoying
Happiness And Longgevity”、“Dragon And Phoenix Bring Auspiciousness”、“Superabundance Year After Year”
and so on.


The theme of traditional culture: Such as “Twelve Animals Representing The Birth Year”、“Facial Makeup In Beijing
Opera”、“Panda,the national treasure” and so on.


The theme of human portrait:Such as“Twelve Beautiful Girls in Jinling”、“Ten Marshals In China” and so on.


Custom Lanterns: Is a special kind of Paper-carving palace lantern, is based on the needs of consumers, at any
time to change the lantern frame and body’s patterns for different occasions. Such as tourist attractions Lantern,
industry propaganda Lantern, Xibaipo scenery Lantern and so on.


The theme of significant events to commemorate: Such as 2008 Beijing Olympics、2010 Shanghai World Expo,
and 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic licensed products,and “Chinese dream”lantern and so on.


The theme of festivals: Such as Mid-Autumn festival lantern、Spring festival lantern、Wedding lantern.


The theme of calligraphic art: Such as “General Chase Dream”Lantern、“Thanks To Mothers”Lantern and so on.

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