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Palace Lantern Inheritor


Li Laoshuo,Male,Tuntou village people,the ninth generation inheritor.Born in Jan. 1925,learnt fromfamily in1946.
After reform and openness(1982),Palace lantern inheritorLi Laoshuo show stuntsagain,developPalace lantern to
gether with the villagers,andhas formed series and mass production,make Tuntou becomethe professional
production village of the Palace lanterns.

  Zhang Tingzhu,Male,Tuntou village people,the tenth generation inheritor.Born in Apr.1934,learnt in 1958,junior
fellow apprentice of Li Laoshuo.After reform and openness(1982),together with Li Laoshuo、SuQiuzi To lead
the villagers to get rich dependingon making lanterns,make Tuntou become the professional production village
of thePalace lanterns.

Zhang Fengjun,Male,the eleventh generation inheritor of Gaocheng Palace lantern,Hebei provincial intangible
cultural heritage project inheritor.Born in 1957,1977inherited his father Zhang Tingzhu’ s traditionskill of making
alace lantern.After leaving the army in 1984,inherited and developed the Gaocheng Palace lantern,Is an important
representative of the planned economy to market economy period.Established Gaocheng Palace Lantern Development
Center Co.,Ltd. in 1984,served as Chairman of the board.After years of development,the company has become the 
largest Palace lantern research、produce、sales、Palace lantern museum exhibition base in the country,the Palace
lantern was made into cultural industries.Providing production technology,training inheritor and business service for 5
towns、49 villages、more than 500 Lantern processing households and 142 enterprise, have made a great contribution
to the prosperity of Gaocheng Palace lantern. 


Shi Youquan,arts and crafts master of Hebei province,inventor of Paper-carving palace lantern.Specializing in Palace
lanterns more than 30 years,learn from the traditional hexagonal lantern shape,Yuxian paper-cut patterns,created
“Paper-carving palace lantern”by himself,has gotten nine national patent.Successfully designed domestic unique
Paper-carving Palace lantern for Beijing Olympics、Shanghai World Expo, and Nanjing Youth Olympic as franchised
goods,have made a great contribution to the innovation and development of Gaocheng Palace lantern. Works and
deeds have been compiled into the  and (Hebei volume).

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