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Visit dinosaur culture park

Time:2016-10-21 Source: China Palace Lantern

Visit dinosa culture park,there are Tyrannosaurus,Triceratops,Brachiosaurus,Apatosaurus,Dilophosaurus,Spinosaurus,Pterosaur、Stone Dragon and more than 20 dinosas close to you.using high-tech manufacturing,1:1 dynamic simulation,let dinosaur revive again,take you back to Jurassic.
Riding Tyrannosaurus、gliding dinosaur、Riding Triceratops、dinosa lay eggs,dances with dinosaur,to experience the frightened feeling on the back of dinosaurs, Unprecedented popular scene, the audience stood in front of a dinosaur, forget to go home, screams and laughter, one after another, bustling, not to be missed.

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